Box of Rain – Early Era Grateful Dead Tribute in Huntington on 05/23/15

Allman Brothers Tribute featuring Trouble No More Band in Huntington on 05/23/15

Grateful Fest, Coney Island in Brooklyn on 07/26/15

Live Art Fusion in Patchogue on 04/19/15

Bob Marley Tribute with The Half Breeds in Huntington on 03/14/15

Long Island Sound & Art Festival in Northport on 08/02/15

Live Art Fusion featuring JACK’S WATERFALL in Patchogue on 02/15/15

Grateful Fest in Centerport on 09/27/15

Woodstock Revival in Centerport on 06/07/15

Live Art Fusion featuring KEN TALVE TRIO in Huntington on 12/03/14